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Here's some answers! But if you're going to ask us where twins come from, you'll need to find an adult.
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We know sustainability is important to you, because it's important to us. After all, we are raising the next generation of twinners.

Are your products ethically sourced?

Yes! Our suppliers use apparel from AS Color. We were stoked to find a supplier using this manufacturer, because they ethically source their products and take social responsibility super seriously. You can read more about their involvement with Amfori, The Better Cotton Initiative, Reemi and other social responsibility initiatives here.

Why do you only print once orders are placed?

Honestly, there is more than one reason for this. It gives us the flexibility to offer you a wide variety of designs (yay!) but we're also helping to minimise the environmental footprint of our clothing, one small step at a time.

We are now more aware than ever of the impact of 'fast fashion' on the plight of our environment, and we'd like to feel good about minimising that impact by only producing products when they are wanted.

What about product quality?

You know that old story about having to kiss a few frogs to find your prince? Yep, that's us trying to source quality 100% cotton tees. We tested dozens of different styles and manufacturers, realising that most of the offerings on the market were poor quality, thin (low density / GSM) cotton and would NOT last the test of time. We needed better.

So we found tees that are a higher-density, better wearing and they aren't see-through! There is nothing we detest more than trying to use our tee to hide what we're stuffing down the front of our jeans (wink wink!) only to find it's see-through!

And, the best bit? We're not contributing to fast fashion. Twinner Twinner!

Is there room for improvement?

Yes there's always room for improvement. Our next focus will be to minimise the plastic waste associated with packaging and shipping parcels. Our supplier is currently trialling some better alternatives and we hope to bring you some more updates on this soon.

Our products

Do you make custom orders?

Sorry, we cannot currently offer custom orders, but with any luck (and your support) we'll be able to expand our operations in the future to give you some amazing custom options.

However, we do have one very important exception to this rule. If you're shopping for a family with triplets / quads / higher-order multiples PLEASE get in touch. We know how hard it is to shop for these families and will do our best to create something wonderful for you.

Are your tees unisex?

Yes! We don't offer 'traditional' women's and men's styles as we weren't satisfied with the fit on the women's tees, and want to promote inclusivity across our products. We want everyone to feel great in their own skin, and their own tee.

Our t-shirts use a 'traditional' men's fit, which is less tapered so some women may find this less fitted than they are generally accustomed to. But we just think it makes them a lot comfier (name one thing that is comfier than your boyfriend's tee, we'll wait...).

For more info on finding your perfect fit, check out the size guide.

Product care

Simple tips to keep your products in top-notch condition

T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Totes

Cold wash, inside out, with like colours only. Don't stick them in the dryer, we know you want to.

Our shirts are pre-shrunk, but cotton is a harsh mistress and won't enjoy the rough and tumble treatment, so just don't do it. So, stick it on a hanger to dry and let the Aussie heat do its thing. Iron on a warm setting (only) inside out, but like we said, hang it up straight after washing and it should come out looking good.

Prints may fade a little over time, which is normal, but as any realtor will tell you this just adds "character".

Mugs (coming soon)

Mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe. This mistress will handle a bit more heat. We love her all the more for it.

Our process

Why is there a processing time?

To ensure we can give you the biggest and baddest variety of products, orders are printed once received. This ensures we don't need to have excess stock, and helps limit our environmental footprint.

How is your clothing printed?

Oh, you like the details hey? Our garments are printed using a technology known as DTG (Direct to Garment), which enables us to offer such a wide variety of designs. The ink is printed directly onto the fabric of the tee.

What inks do you use?

Our supplier uses Brother Innobella textile inks for our DTG items. These inks are water-based pigment inks with ECO-PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification and CPSI compliance in the US.

Our supplier uses these Brother inks because the water-based inks have a lower economic footprint compared to other plastisol-based inks, and are safe to use on children's clothing.

More about Twinnerly®

Is Twinnerly® an Aussie?

Yes! Twinnerly® is 100% Australian owned and operated! All our best ideas come from a kitchen table in Brisbane, amongst the utter chaos of 3 kiddos.

Do you really have twins?

Hubby is probably still in denial, but yes, yes we do.

What's with the ®?

Because Twinnerly® is a registered trademark so we get to use some extra symbols on our keyboard for fun. It's also there to let the world know we are very protective and proud of the brand we've created for all of you to enjoy.

I want to know more about Twinnerly®

Of course you do (we're blushing)! Check out more at the Twinnerly® Tale.

Can you tell me a funny story?

Of course we can! Ready?

Oh look! I missed one - it's twins!